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SiMuL is an electronic music producer and DJ. He specializes in top quality intelligent dance music spanning from the various sub-genres of House, Breaks, Drum-n-Bass, and the like.

Native to the United States, SiMuL was born a music lover. In the early 90s, he became addicted to the sound of electronic music. Mostly influenced by other musicians from the underground computer demo scene, SiMuL began his career as an electronic musician. Releases such as ‘Blue Winter’ and ‘For You’ consisting of pop-techno beats spread throughout the demo groups, Bulletin Board Systems, and eventually the Internet.

During the mid-to-late 90s, SiMuL started going to raves and various house parties around the South Florida area. It was during this time that he was inspired to start DJing himself. In mid ’96 he bought his first set of turn tables and began honing his skills as a bedroom DJ. By ’98 he was playing at parties and gaining a reputation as an up-and-coming DJ. His love of for composing music, however, never stopped. From the 90s to now, he has produced over 200 tracks and ideas.

SiMuL is truly ahead of his time. He does not fit into any classic mold as far as DJ/Producers go. He enjoys all types of music and seamlessly incorporates many different genres and other unusual elements into his tracks and DJ sets.

History of the name and mission statement:

(more information coming soon–still under construction)

The name SiMuL is from the latin root that means ‘at the same time; together’. Which is quite pertinent to the mission he has laid out in front of him. With a deep seated sense of spiritual urgency this musical shaman has set out to help heal the world using his music as a tool of inspiration and truth.



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In an age where we are inundated by soulless entertainment, in every aspect, it seems that music has had the biggest loss. It has become more and more difficult to find Truth in music, to find knowledge, spiritual strength, and emotion evoking sounds.

SiMuL is just the Truth that our music needs, breathing much needed Universal Mana into his work.

SiMuL uses his mind, body, and spirit as a channel and allows just such Truth to be expressed through his music and mixes. It is in his music that I hear a real message. A message wrapped in an envelope of sound that delivers it while driving you through a landscape of human emotions. His music calls deep inside and allows our own truth, emotion, and spirit to shine through. His particular sound creates sacred space which allows the body to become a vessel through dance and lets the experience of universal energy flow outward, and inward, to all who are open to its call.

SiMuL contains a rare light that, when shined, allows all of us to connect as One.

To put it simply, SiMuL has a message of Truth that brings music back to its primal purpose of evoking our spirits and making them move.

Blake W. Johnson