[DJ Mix] Jan 2009

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 February 2010 05:14 Written by SiMuL Wednesday, 22 April 2009 12:20

Jan 2009 - CD Cover

This one has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple months, my apologies for not getting this out quicker! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it…  It’s quite effin’ baddass to be honest, so here you go.

Lemme tell you how this came about, it’s kinda magical, if you will… Some nights before I recorded this, I downloaded a bunch of tracks using eMule (yes, I rediscovered this useful tool recently); I hadn’t really listened to them yet, just weeded out the obvious lame tracks with a quick run through.  I decided I would just mess around in Deckadance and see what could come about.  I thought, what the hell, I’ll record whatever I do, so loaded up Audition and hit record…

I started off with a couple tracks to warm up (which didn’t make the final cut) then finally found my groove.  Now, when you listen to this, remember I hadn’t heard any of these tracks before, much less mixed them… lolz, and shit, they fit together like puzzle pieces… I got lucky, or shall I say, the spirit of Music decided to bless me with what I like to call one of those magic mixes… (you DJs know exactly what I’m talkin’ about)

I was fumbling around with cut cutoff/resonance filters too, you can tell during some of the mixes.  I think I lucked out with all the mistakes I made.  I cleaned up the final cut and added on a few mixes, so this turned out to be a mostly live / studio mix.  I will call these hybrid mixes from now on.

I hope you enjoy!  (I still can’t get enough of this mix.. so much energy!)

Genre: House
Date: January 2009

Download: Jan 2009 (1095)
CUE File (needed to burn audio CD with individual tracks): .cue (1776)

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[DJ Mix] BP Sessions ‘Free’

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 February 2010 02:43 Written by SiMuL Thursday, 9 October 2008 04:04

Free - CD Cover

Next in the BP Sessions series, ‘Free’.  (As you might have noticed, I’m dropping the vol #’s from the titles)

Who says nothing is free in life?  I beg to differ! This mix was made with the free download promotions from BeatPort.  That’s right folks, FREE songs.  I’ve downloaded a good 25-30 or so quality tracks, at no cost.  All you need is an account–search for ‘promotions’ or ‘beatport promotions’.

It only took three days to complete this entire mix–by far, the quickest CD I’ve ever completed!  It usually takes months to find the right tracks, let alone complete a full length mix… I guess the clean energy that goes along with giving something away helped bring this into existence! wooooot!!

This CD was done in the spirit of house music and, indeed, it has the spirit of house music!  It covers a wide range of house genres: mystical/progressive/soulful/tribal.   Definitely deep and groovy!!

Genre: House
Date: October 2008

Download/Play: BP Sessions - Free (1356)
CUE File (needed to burn audio CD with individual tracks): .cue (1635)

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[DJ Mix] BP Sessions Vol.1 House

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2010 11:38 Written by SiMuL Friday, 13 June 2008 03:06

The BeatPort Sessions Volume 1. This is a brand new mix series I’ve just started! I’ve been purchasing a lot of music over at beatport.com and decided I would start a new series with, in my opinion, the best tracks I find there. This is an unusual track selection for me, but I love it! Some of the tracks are a little odd but awesome! Overall a nice deep tribal feel. Definitely a must download if you’re into house music!

Genre: House
Date: June 2008

Download/Play: BP Sessions Vol.1 - House (1409)
CUE File (needed to burn audio CD with individual tracks): .cue (1689)

Track Listing:
01) Snax – Honeymoon’s Overdose (Crowdpleaser Dub mix)
02) Loco Dice – How Do I Know
03) Fausto Messina – Diboneg
04) Phage & Daniel Dreier – Korgi-Morgi
05) Martin Buttrich – Cruise Control
06) Deadmau5 – Duo Cad Sordid
07) Palm Skin Productions – Wonderful Thing
08) Rainer Weichold – Bamboo (Format B remix)
09) Sven Palzer & Patrick Zigon – Quid Pro Quo
10) Johnny D – Orbitallife
11) The Mole – Like The Way
12) Kabale Und Lauhaus – Makake
13) Luca Bacchetti – Night Over Kwazulu
14) Echonomist – Transposition (And.Id remix)
15) H.O.S.H. & Stimming – Radar
16) Dan Berkson & James What – Reflections feat. Robert Owens

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[DJ Mix] Chapter 5

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2010 11:43 Written by SiMuL Tuesday, 11 May 2004 07:19

The next chapter in my personal DJ mix collection. This is for all the house heads out there! Dope mixing and selection, as usual!!

Genre: House
Year: 2004

Download: Chapter 5 (1504)
CUE File (needed to burn audio CD with individual tracks): .cue (601)

Track Listing:
Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Peace Division Mix)
02) Dimitri & Tom – Brazil Over Zurich (Mongo Bongo Mix)
03) Charley’s Vault – My Answer
04) SiMuL – Hypnotizing
05) Oscar G & Ralph Falcon – Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix)
06) Attaboy – In Deeper
07) Peter Dildo – Physical 2000 (Dimtri & Tom 1999 Mix)
08) DJ Icey – Groove Lick
09) Mephisto Odyssey – Killah (TNT Dub Mix)
10) Descent – Fussion
11) The Freak Project – The Beat of a Drum (Peace Division Mix)
12) LSG – Black Current (Tory Thomas Remix)
13) Unknown – white label (comment if you know this track*)
14) Trancesetters – Synergy (John Graham’s Quivver Mix)
15) New Order – Here To Stay (The Scumfrog Dub)
16) Depeche Mode – Free Love (Deep Dish Bootleg Mix)
17) Peace Division – The Voice
18) Delerium – Euphoria (Rabbit In The Moon’s Divine Gothic Disco mix)

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[Track] Hypnotizing (Original Mix)

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2010 11:44 Written by SiMuL Friday, 15 August 2003 03:11

This is one of my first completed FLStudio tracks from 2003.

Genre: House (minimal/deep/tech)
Year: 2003

Download/Play: Hypnotizing (Original Mix) (1362)

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